I had this same problem when

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I had this same problem when we got Lady. She was from an abusive home and was very shy. She had serious anxiety problems at first so I took some time off to stay with her until she got used to the house. The first day she and Georgia were left alone in their room, Lady managed to chew out of her crate(which any other time she loved to be in) and through a wall into the closet where we found her when we got home. She had also ripped the trim off around the door. That night I went and bought every large hard rubber toy I could find and within 10 minutes they were in pieces. I also tried the Nyla Bones and she snapped those in half and swallowed a sharp piece which cut her intestine and had to be repaired. So I’m right there with you! I can’t find anything she can’t destroy. We now take them for a walk before we leave the house for a few hours and they stay out in the house. We have had a few trash mishaps but she hasn’t destroyed anything since.