I googled this site because I

Mama luvs Maximus

I googled this site because I have a pitbull and I have questions…and nowhere to turn!  My dog’s name is Maximus he is 6 months old.  We got him for Christmas and have had no problems with him and my 3 babies (4, 3, and 2 years old).  He loves the stuffing outta them and they love him back.  Today, however, my husband’s nephews came over and my dog gets over excited when we have company.  He proceeded to jump on him despite my husbands calls.  I know my dog was only trying to “love” him, but the boy got very scared and began spining around, my dog put the boy’s arm in his mouth and when the boy spun he bit down!!  I felt so horrible for the boy, he was hurt and scared!!  I don’t know what to do…Max has never done anything like that before (the biting I mean).  He always jumps on people when they come over and we yell at him and send him to his bed, but this was outside in our yard.  Now my father-in-law wants to shoot my dog!!  He says that Max now has a taste for blood and he will “go crazy” and want to bite all of the time.  Could this be true?