I feel the same way I also

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I feel the same way I also have three kids who have been a round all five of my pits since they were puppy’s and my pits treat my kids as if they were their offspring loving them and kissing them all the time and even sleeping with them. We have owned several pits in the past also and one of the five that we have right now is a foster that turned into an adoption it’s becoming increasingly hard because i live in the city of New Bedford in Mass and they are always blaming every human dog attack on pit bulls even tho most of them are not pits they are usually boxers or bull dogs. I have been trying to rally up fellow pitbull owners in the area recently to fight the city banding the pit bull and bit bull mixes in the city. So i deffinately undersand the whole defending the breed situation. It just really sucks because if the owner would be responsible for their dogs then we wouldnt have so many issues and maybe people would be more open to the breed they are such gentle loving creatures!!!