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    Hi everyone, I am a pit owner and have been for quite a few years now. My first pit was a beautiful brendel female that was killed because of ignorance, since then I have been on a mission to promote pit’s and I help when I can. I have taken in so many dogs and I have rehomed a few as well. I do not like to rehome a dog because it breaks my heart to see them go. Right now I have two pits, a female named Laya who is 4 and a male named Rocky who is 1 1/2. I took Laya in a couple of years ago, she had both of her ear drums busted and she had ripped the tenden in her back leg. Rocky I got as a puppy, the family who had him decided they did not want him anymore when they found out that they were going to have a baby. I am always on the look-out for mistreated or unwanted pit’s. The breed is very misunderstood and I have been known on many occassions to argue with people over their ignorance. I have three kids who have been around these dogs since I brought the dogs home.


    Welcome to the site!


    Welcome, I’m glad to meet you.


    I feel the same way I also have three kids who have been a round all five of my pits since they were puppy’s and my pits treat my kids as if they were their offspring loving them and kissing them all the time and even sleeping with them. We have owned several pits in the past also and one of the five that we have right now is a foster that turned into an adoption it’s becoming increasingly hard because i live in the city of New Bedford in Mass and they are always blaming every human dog attack on pit bulls even tho most of them are not pits they are usually boxers or bull dogs. I have been trying to rally up fellow pitbull owners in the area recently to fight the city banding the pit bull and bit bull mixes in the city. So i deffinately undersand the whole defending the breed situation. It just really sucks because if the owner would be responsible for their dogs then we wouldnt have so many issues and maybe people would be more open to the breed they are such gentle loving creatures!!!


    I’m considering getting 2 pits. I’ve never owned one. My first dog was a German Shepard, and my husband owned a pit. I was wondering if is ok to get siblings, a brother & sister?


    You can get siblings without any problems. I do recommend that you spay/neuter each one to prevent inbreeding. Although they are siblings, they will still mate at around 7 months of age. I have always thought that a puppy needs a puppy, although it is hard to take care of two puppies at one time, it is easier for the puppy because it has someone it can puppy play with.


    We got a second pit after we heard a tragic story about two dogs getting put down. We took one and the other went to another family. It’s been about 2 months now and the pits (mine and the new one) love each other. We will find them cuddling when we walk into a room.

    We have noticed that the first one we got (we had her for 1yr before getting the second) has become “wiser” now. We think she is acting as a mama to the second. They both behave very well and we hadn’t even noticed how far we had come with training until we got a second. I think they see what is bad/good by how we react to the other.

    Definitely get a second, although training is always a challenge, if you have one dog already trained, it really helps. I wish you the best of luck with your pits.

    ps. Both dogs are female and neutered and are about 4months apart in age.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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