I echo i luv my pitbull’s

raisins mom

I echo i luv my pitbull’s sympathy for the loss of your cat.  It is always devestating to lose a pet and under those circumstances I can see how one would feel such a mix of emotions.  And yes if my cat was killed by a dog anger would be one of those emotions.  I own a cat as well as my pitubll and my german shepherd.  Last year I had a friend who could not seem to contain her german shepherd and lab.  They escaped out of her yard multiple times and in the end killed 2 of their neighbors cats.  I know she was devestated for her neighbors.  In the end animal control deemed her dogs and vicious and they had to be euthanized.  Unfortunately her not containing her dogs in their yard lead to the loss of her neighbors beloved cats and her two dogs.  A preventable tragedy all around.

My dog’s vet own’s two pitbulls.  As far as do I kow any other other professionals such as lawyers, doctors,etc that own pitbulls the answer is no I do not.  But I also do not have any friends in those professions. But I have meet many responsible pitbull owners at charity events and one of them could of been in those professions.  I just never thought to ask people what they do for a living. I do not care what someone does to earn a living.  My only hope is that they are positively contributing to their community.  A janitor, a pilot, a teacher, a waitress all have vital roles in our communities.  Do not judge one based on what tax bracket they fall in. 

As for how to break up  a dog fight that includes a pitbull who will not release, I would result to my break stick.  It is a tool placed in a pitbulls mouth behind the molars that you twist so they loosen their grip and let go.  I may also add that I carry one and have never had to use it.  In CA we have strict leash laws and I am one who believes in them.  I also believe in spaying/ neutering pets which can help to reduce aggression.  Often times the media will publish many articles regarding pitbull attacks but leave out the important information such as was the dog spayed/ neutered and was this dog a pet or left in the yard chaned up. 

You said the majority of people on here will have emotional  and not factual responses. That gave me a wonderful chuckle. My boyfriend loves to tell me how I base all my decisions on emotions from voting to what I want to eat that day.  I am an emotional person.  I have to be.  Each day I sit down at my desk and the first thing out of my mouth is “911 what is your emergency?’.  My job requiers me to show compassion to the victim who has just been shot as well professionalism to the person who admits to stabbing their significant other.  In 10 years at my job I have heard so many tragic moments of peoples lives.  There are times when I have to turn off how I feel and just do my job, but I still try to keep compassion in my heart for those during their time of need.   I live my life by the belief that I need to be compassionate to all those around me, human or animal. 

I only hope when you come on this page you are willing enought to agree to disagree.  I get yelled at by people to get my pitbull off their street in the AM on our walks.  My response is to smile and say enjoy your day  ( and no I do not avoid their street on my next walk). Maybe just maybe they will see my well behaved dog and I enjoying life and take away a little part of that joy into their lives.  Life is full of lessons all around us and owning my pitbull has taught me to be less judgemental against those who judge me.  

Again, I am truly sorry for the loss of your cat.