I don’t own a pit bull but I


I don’t own a pit bull but I have worked with pit bulls at my local humane society so I have a small amount of experience. One thing I can say is it is not just pit bulls that need to be shown whos boss…a lot of dogs do! My sister has 2 chihuahuas and a boston terrier and her chihuahuas act like they rule the place, they never listen to her…and they hate people, and animals. But anyways, the pitbull, if you work with them such as training and play with them and let them know that they can’t get away with stuff they’d be a good dog. But like any dog you can’t let them get away with anything esp after you trained them a certain way. Keep with some sort of routine and keep training them,even if it’s just a simple sit at least once a day (even if they know it). Dont train them too long 😀 These are just tips and an idea for if you decide to get a pit bull. Do some research too, to find out more about the Pit Bull.


Thats one of the better webistes to find more about them.