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considering a pit bull puppy

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    I am considering a pit bull puppy and have a few questions. I am a former shitzhu and mutt mommy. We had our little shitzhu for 15 years lost her in January and all the mutts we have had last over 14 years. With our shitzhus there was a lot of vet time and grooming. Do pit bulls require a lot of grooming time and are they healthy? Our shitzhu had a lot of eye issues. Also I am not a type A personality and I would be spending the most time with the dog is that a problem with this breed? I have been told that some breeds require you to show them you are the leader if you don’t this creates a behavior problem. The groomer I used to go to had two pit bulls in the shop with her and they were just the nicest girls. So friendly and happy. Thanks for any info you can share.


    Pitbulls require alot of exercise and attention. Their grooming needs and general care is overall not much these dogs tend to be fairly healthy. Pitbulls need a job to do this is not a dog to leave in a crate all day. I would contact a rescue and go to an adoption event and talk to several people and maybe meet some dogs. good luck. Matt


    My family has just got a puppy shes amazing with my kids and loves everyone..infact she sleep with my 9 yr old! She has picked up potty training very fast and has learned to sit..I was a little affraid of the breed in general! but after doing lots of research and having her in our family I wouldnt trade her for anything in this world! She does require lots of attention and toys! She loves to play and run around in the yard.


    They are generally healthy dogs,but you do need to show them who is boss. I have three pitbulls,a greyhound and a min pin,they all get along really well but its best to start training right away. They NEED to be socialized from the start to get them comfortable around other dogs. Spending a lot of time with them is good and they are diggers by nature. My dogs LOVE squeaky toys and wrestling with my husband in the living room lol. Theyre very active,especially when theyre young. Id advise you to rescue a puppy instead of buying from a breeder. You could save a little guy or girls life 🙂


    Well I have a rescue and non rescue pits. Kira is not a rescue but she’s not a top bred dog either. I have had UTI problems when she was a puppy and a poor immune system leading to herititary mange a little onintment and she’s all better. Kira also has food allergies which I have found to be rather common. Ace is a rescue I adopted him this past January. When I got him he was very thin and they were feeding him puppy science diet with fish oil. His gas was horrible he could litterally clear a room hell even the house. So per adoption he had to go to the vet and I was telling her. She said he most likely has mild to moderate IBS. Ugh. So I put him on Iams proactive lamb and rice. He immediately gained weight and the gas is gone. He is happy and other than that and some mild skin allergies with grass. Adopting is a great thing but be prepared to have potential health problems. Skin allergies are no big deal and are not terribly expensive to care for. Also keep in mind they don’t fully mature until around 2yrs. Just do your research well on the breed and remember some people will swear they are advocates of the breed but speak about nothing but how they were born fighters and how they turn instantly and it the breed not the owner that controls the behavior. Fyi they are wrong so read up on them talk to others that own them and most importantly know if your city has bans or ordinances for the breed. You are more than welcome to email me for more info I would be glad to help.


    Pit bulls are very active when they are puppies. My daughter got this dog as a puppy, she was very active. When her pup got about 6 month old she got very active, she was testing everyone. My daughter had her crate up to 8 hours, by the time she got home from work. The puppy was in full charge and was in warp drive. They are very smart they learn quickly who is in charge. In my daughter case the dog was in charge. So I had take custody of this dog. Dogs are like children you have to give them rules and guidance. Pit bulls work the best with positive training and being consistence. And socializing is a must.
    My other pit bull is a rescue. She came to me she was 1 1/2 yrs old. She was house trained but not trained to get in crate. But learned quickly with treats that the crate is her room and she goes in not fast but she goes in.
    Going to a rescue and seeing what they got is a good idea. With a puppy are ready for house training, and all the testing of puppy hood? There are some pitties that are giving up cause the family couldn’t take them. They may be older but just need a new family. There nothing wrong with them they just got left behind. But I do stress there are some many in rescues. Yes you have to pay an adoption fee. But they come already altered and microchip and you will have a support group from that rescue. And you will be helping to get another one into rescue that might be in a kill shelter.


    I don’t own a pit bull but I have worked with pit bulls at my local humane society so I have a small amount of experience. One thing I can say is it is not just pit bulls that need to be shown whos boss…a lot of dogs do! My sister has 2 chihuahuas and a boston terrier and her chihuahuas act like they rule the place, they never listen to her…and they hate people, and animals. But anyways, the pitbull, if you work with them such as training and play with them and let them know that they can’t get away with stuff they’d be a good dog. But like any dog you can’t let them get away with anything esp after you trained them a certain way. Keep with some sort of routine and keep training them,even if it’s just a simple sit at least once a day (even if they know it). Dont train them too long 😀 These are just tips and an idea for if you decide to get a pit bull. Do some research too, to find out more about the Pit Bull.


    Thats one of the better webistes to find more about them.


    They need exercise and socialization.As with any dog they NEED to be trained.Not only does this re-enforce your role as alpha, it makes you a responsible owner.They need consistency to be happy. Cosmetically they are low maintenance.They have short hair and are average shedders.When you get your puppy make sure to have alot of chew toys to avoid your house potentially becoming one :o)They aren’t hard dog once they are properly trained and socialized.But then again this can go for any dog…

    Good Luck


    About 4mts ago i got a new pitty pup (hes 5mts old) and hes soooo cute and lovable i bath him about once aweek (he stays outside) and bush him 2 to 3 times a week, and there a HAND FULL if they think they are in charge.


    About 4mts ago i got a new pitty pup (hes 5mts old) and hes soooo cute and lovable i bath him about once aweek (he stays outside) and bush him 2 to 3 times a week, and there a HAND FULL if they think they are in charge.


    I have to agree with all above baths,nail,teeth and ears typical cleaning for any dog. very active and aggressive chewers if bored. but as far as family and ppl they are the best and are so loyal.


    pit dont have any big health problems. they dont need much grooming but baths are a must. they love to run and play…

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