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I am not sure what you have available in your area and how you dogs are with others, but we take out pit bull puppy to doggy daycare. I know many people have giving me crap about this, but it is the best thing we could have ever done. Try to search for bark central in your area, they rock. They take great care of our dog and she goes there once a week and comes home so tired and well behaved, it takes her about 3 days to get all her energy back. They first evaluate your dog to see if they can be there and get along with everyone and once you pass that, you are good to go. She loves it, I can tell she recognizes the building every time we go, and with being a puppy we expected some chewing and behavior problems, but we haven’t had anything major because we make sure she works off her energy. I can definitely tell if she hasn’t been to daycare or walked for a few days because of weather. I know this option isn’t going to be available to everyone but it is well worth it if you have it in your area.