I am not a big fan of

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I am not a big fan of “dressing up” dogs. That seems to be reserved for the toy dogs. But if it is for a purpose, such as keeping a REALLY short haired dog warm, then by all means DO IT! (though I have dressed her up for Halloween)

We live in Indiana, and Kayla (our dog) shivers in the house sometmies during the colder months. I will put a shirt on her and even baby socks to keep her feet warm. I do it for her comfort. I don’t put a coat on when she goes out to potty, as she runs out, does her business, and then runs right back inside. But, when we go places in the car, walks, playing outisde, etc., you better believe it that my pittie is dressed for the temps.

I have several winter coats, shirts, scarves, and sweaters for Kayla during these cold months. Pits were not blessed with the massive amounts of fur that many other breeds have, so they rely on us to take care of them.

I am a Wisconsin native, and I know all about the winters and the endless cold temps. Do your dog a favor and keep her warm. Don’t worry about what we think or what others think. You do what is best for YOUR dog where YOU live. 🙂