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    I was just curious how many people on here give their dogs a jacket or sweater in the winter? I was wondering because I have never liked the idea of dressing up a dog, but I have a 7 month old pit bull that shivers when it is 40 degrees out and I live in Wisconsin, it is bound to get much colder yet. I don’t plan to walk her when it is super cold out and unsafe, but we try to walk her at least once a day weather permitting. I don’t want the cold to make it so she won’t go outside potty, so I was just looking for opinions and suggestions.


    I think that if you feel that your dog needs a jacket get him/her one. I used to do the same thing with one pit I had. But he was shivering I was just overprotective. Plus it makes people feel more comfortable coming up to a pit for some reason. The only con I see to you getting it a jacket is that you live up north where it gets really cold the dog will need to get used to the weather where as I live in the south. Really you know whats best for your dog.

    Miss Mouse

    It might seem silly, but it’s definitely practical. Just because you want to keep her warm doesn’t mean you have to get the jacket with the pom poms and frills, though. If you don’t like dressing her up, just go for the core basics – something cozy to keep her warm and healthy!

    My pit is still building up to an ideal body condition, so she still gets cold easily. I went ahead and crocheted her a sweater to keep some of that body warmth in when we go out on cold days. She doesn’t even notice it when she’s wearing it, but it does seem to help! I do think it makes people a little more comfortable about them, like ash_page said, too.


    Yeah, I understand, sometimes dog clothes can look a little ridiculous. You can get dog jackets that aren’t like that. Here are some pics:



    I would consider something like these if my dog was cold in the winter.


    Thanks for the comments. She seems to be doing a little better in the cold…maybe she is getting use to it. I still don’t think she is thrilled about it, but she isn’t shaking like before.


    well i dont think dogs really need it cause imagine if human were not created who would put jackets on them no one.its just modern nature…….


    Doggy clothes can be pretty crazy, you usually see it in smaller dogs rather than pits. However both of my pits, a 1 and a half year old and 8 week old, they both like most /all pits have very short fur in this weather a small jacket or fleece is defiantly okay. Its actually known that if your dog is wearing to much clothing that it can effect body language when communicating with other dogs so layering is never a good idea. A simple little pull over sweater or jacket does the trick and as the comment above, clothing for some reason makes pits more approachable by people for whatever reason. Maybe it makes them look cuter.. or “oh the dog let their owner put clothes on them so they can’t possibly be evil” ..I’m not sure what their reasoning is.

    Doggy bikinis however.. now thats pretty silly.


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    raisins mom

    I don’t see anything wrong with putting on a doggy jacket or sweater on your dog. I put shoes on Rai the other night for our walk so he would adjust to them just incase I ever need to use them. And sometimes he is a shivering when I put him out to go potty ( and we are in CA- so it’s not that bad). I figure if he sleeps under the blankets with me on the couch he must get chilly outside so if he needs a lil extra so be it. I actualy saw a black and white camo one on petsmart.com I been debating buying. Plus the more things one lets their dogs experience the more rounded their personality will be and accepting of things that are not “normal”.


    According to my opinion, if you feel that it is very cold, the temperature got down to negative, then you can wear jackets to your dog.


    I am not a big fan of “dressing up” dogs. That seems to be reserved for the toy dogs. But if it is for a purpose, such as keeping a REALLY short haired dog warm, then by all means DO IT! (though I have dressed her up for Halloween)

    We live in Indiana, and Kayla (our dog) shivers in the house sometmies during the colder months. I will put a shirt on her and even baby socks to keep her feet warm. I do it for her comfort. I don’t put a coat on when she goes out to potty, as she runs out, does her business, and then runs right back inside. But, when we go places in the car, walks, playing outisde, etc., you better believe it that my pittie is dressed for the temps.

    I have several winter coats, shirts, scarves, and sweaters for Kayla during these cold months. Pits were not blessed with the massive amounts of fur that many other breeds have, so they rely on us to take care of them.

    I am a Wisconsin native, and I know all about the winters and the endless cold temps. Do your dog a favor and keep her warm. Don’t worry about what we think or what others think. You do what is best for YOUR dog where YOU live. 🙂


    We got our Pit a fleece lined reflective coat since we are in the mountains and there are no lights, by the time I get home it’s already dark so I want to make sure we are both seen. Funny thing about her, I walk her away from the snow but she feels the need to jump in anyway, it doesn’t faze her in the least bit.


    I put a jacket on my pits when ever the weather is too cold, or a raincoat in the rain. they love it! but i only put them on when were going for walks, or the park, or if im going to be out for a lil while and there in the yard.

    go ask alice

    Everyone always comments on how my dog looks so cold and i should get a jacket for her.
    Its not like im against them at all, but for where i am, she has to get use to it. I actually do have a hoodie for her but everytime i put it on she just jumps right back out. If im going to the store and have to tie her outside, i take my jacket/hoodie/coat off and wrap her in it so shes not freezing, she likes that much better then something thats actually her size. Plus, if were on a walk or moving around, she definatly doesnt need anything, she warms herself up so much.

    herc the jerk

    I am up north in Canada and we have had several days this year that have been below -30 degrees celsius. My boy hates to go outside to pee on these days. He has to have booties for his feet and a sweater to keep warm in this climate and even with that his walks have to stay to about 15-20min. these dogs are not good in cold weather, most of them are the biggest sucks when it gets below freezing!!!

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