Hi Kate, My name is Liz. My


Hi Kate,

My name is Liz. My pit mix mollie is currently 9 months old. I’m new to these forums but it seems everyone posts and introduction and no one replies. Not a great way to start a dialog. It’s a shame the people you got your dog from couldn’t just be honest with you and tell you what your dog was. We aren’t really sure what our Mollie is, shes from a shelter, but people guess either pit bull or boxer. For all I know she’s both. I live in the suburbs of Chicago though and around here if it looks even remotely like a pit bull most people assume you have a pitbull.

I took Mollie to a basic training class at Petsmart. Our trainer was pretty good, though I’m sure that varies from place to place. I think training and socialization are the most important things for pit bulls but I’m finding it’s not the easiest thing to do. So many people are afraid that my dog will hurt theirs they don’t want to come near her. She is really just excited to play. That’s the biggest reason I joined these forums I’m hoping to find some people in my area to socialize my dog with.