Hi everyone!  The dog trainer


Hi everyone!  The dog trainer ~ whose Doggie School, my dog graduated from – well, she is pretty much a dog expert.  She has trained dogs for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and at least 20 other law enforcement agencies here in the San Francisco Bay Area.  She has been a dog trainer for 30 years.  Well, she told me that as a courtesy, when I am walking my dog – and see folks approaching, even if they don’t have a dog – if it is possible, I should cross the street as a courtesy – or walk well around those folks.  Some people are just scared of any dog.  Also there are a lot of A-Hole dogs out there (regardless of the breed).  After I cross the street, I usually say hello to whoever.  About half of the time, the other person will tell me, there was no need to cross the street – or comment on what a beautiful dog I have.  The media does suck when it comes to our little pitties.  We’ve got to keep up any positive Public Relations we can – even when just walking the dog . . .