Hi, Chris! I have a 10 year

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Hi, Chris! I have a 10 year old red nose pit named Hooch. I’ve had him since he was born. I find that like most male dogs, neutering him wil help him focus on you more as pack master. A good way to train him to recall (come back to you) is to use a long lead or rope attached to his collar. Walk him at heel for a bit, then give him slack on the lead to run around. After a few minutes, call him. If he doesn’t come, repeat the command and start gently pulling him toward you. Keep your voice friendly, use his name frequently. When he comes to you praise him and give him a treat. Pits love treats! Also, I’ve noticed puppies resist coming to you if when they come you immediately stop playbig and go inside. Call him to you, and when he obeys you, keep playing! He should associate coming to you as being a good thing. Never call him to you to be punished. I don’t care if he was gone for an hour, if he walks up to you, tell him he’s a good boy. Being with you is fun!

Good luck!