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rednose pitbull

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    hi names chris i have a 5 month old rednose pit who is really energetic as far as getting him to come to me isnt really a hassel but he seems to forget whose boss one thing ive nvr wanted for him to feel is to feel imprioned to just one a place in his yard so thts why he runs free in the backyard which is really quite large as far as teaching him to sit and give u his paws and lay down roll over hes got tht no problem but as far as coming write away or stay or no dnt do this or tht is a problem im having with him wat r a few commands i can teach him i knw  it will take a while for him to adapt to itand another thing is right now i cnt get him to stop humping things this morning he tried to hump my leg which i told him no with aa stern voice and he got down but hes so stubborn r there other commands yah recommend if so please help


    Hi, Chris! I have a 10 year old red nose pit named Hooch. I’ve had him since he was born. I find that like most male dogs, neutering him wil help him focus on you more as pack master. A good way to train him to recall (come back to you) is to use a long lead or rope attached to his collar. Walk him at heel for a bit, then give him slack on the lead to run around. After a few minutes, call him. If he doesn’t come, repeat the command and start gently pulling him toward you. Keep your voice friendly, use his name frequently. When he comes to you praise him and give him a treat. Pits love treats! Also, I’ve noticed puppies resist coming to you if when they come you immediately stop playbig and go inside. Call him to you, and when he obeys you, keep playing! He should associate coming to you as being a good thing. Never call him to you to be punished. I don’t care if he was gone for an hour, if he walks up to you, tell him he’s a good boy. Being with you is fun!

    Good luck!





    Hi! i have a 3 yr old rednose and he was the same way for a lil while. First thing is have PATIENCE!! You were right about telling him in a stern voice!!! Try not to yell or scream they react better to calm and stern.. Some ways i got him to understand when im telling him no is to make him first do the wrong action. For example: if he is tries to chew a shoe, First tell him “no” or “stop” and take the shoe away. Then put the shoe where he can reach it and allow him to attempt to chew it again. When he does say “no” or “stop” again and repeat until he stops trying to get it. this worked great for me i hope it helps you! Also sometimes using sounds to get his attention when he tries to do something wrong will help him learn whats wrong. For example: If he does something wrong that you want him to stop try to say “AY” to him or like a “Aat” sound. Dont yell it but say it a lil louder then your normal voice. It’ll grab his attention you then tell him “no” or” stop” and he’ll eventually understand. 

    Some good words to make commands:

    “Come” if you say it and also make a come here hand motion itll help

    “Stay” also do like a ‘hold on’ hand motion with it and that will help 

    when you are teching your commands dont always try to tech it wen he doing something wrong. At random moments of the day make him sit and stay then walk a way. if he stays make him come if he doesnt repeat until he does. When he gets it right make sure to let him know with a “good boy” and a short petting so he understnads that he did something right

    Itll take a few months but keep practicing with him and he should get it in no time!! GOOD LUCK!! Hope this helps a lil bit!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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