Hey! So I have dealt with



So I have dealt with this before,  and my dog did begin to pick up the habits of the other dog. My dog was like, hey! look at that! that dog can do this and that and doesn’t have to listen to Grace, maybe I dont either! And so it began. The only way to stop it was to trian the other dog. It was a chore because the dog was sort of old and I had just finished with my dog’s training, and the thought of going through that process again was very undesirable. After I began working though, it wasn’t so bad. I think unfortunately thats just how it is. Dogs copy other dogs. You just have to train the other dog or else Alice will learn the negative behaviors. I know thats not what you wanted to hear, but I’m just being honest based on my experience. Actually, after I got going with the other dogs training, it was kind of fun to watch her progress. It took some effort, but it was worth it. She was pretty smart! You can do it! I hope this helps you, it’s tough to imagine having to train another dog, but once you get going it can be rewarding. I also think Cesar Milan might have some good resounces about training older dogs as well. Good luck! I hope everything goes well:)


p.s. Alice is as adorable as she ever was