He is a pit bull puppy and

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He is a pit bull puppy and full of curiosity and energy. Have you tried walking him without running? That will teach him proper walking etiquette without the stress of running him. Keep him cinched to your side and use a gentle walker to lead him. A gentle walker allows you to control your dog by pulling him where you want him without actually hurting him. Teach him where you want him and take treats to give him when he behaves well. You have to be the alpha in all situations with a pit, he is a baby now, but he will be a very strong dog when an adult. Once he is acclimated to walking how you want, basically by your side, but a little bit behind you, you can begin running with him. This can be done quite quickly, but the longer you wait, the the longer it will take (experienced in this mistake). My pitty is 3, and because my son did not teach her proper walking etiquette right away, it took a very long time to teach her properly. She is still too exuberant in the early part of our walks, but calms down within a few yards (thank God!). My daughter takes her for runs now and they are fine!