Ha. I laugh when I see the

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Ha. I laugh when I see the ‘slow down’ doggy dishes. My pit Dayse-Mae scarfs her food down in less than five seconds. Swallows everything without a breath. I tried the dishes….didn’t work at all. I had gotten to the point where I was really worried. She could have gotten a ‘flipped stomach’ (for short terms) and been in a lot of pain….it scared me and everything I got did not work. I was going to home make a special dish….but my husband came up with a WONDERFUL idea. I now put a cup of whole ice cubes in her dish. She HAS to chew the ice…and it slows her consumption of the food. AMAZING….and FREE!

I did train my pits to ‘watch’ me as I set their food dishes down, and they are not allowed to eat until I saw “go eat” …. this has prevented the food aggression….and they focus on me…not the food….