Ha ha!!  Great stories.  It


Ha ha!!  Great stories.  It reminds me of when Kaos had his first encounter with a working washing machine!  We have a small laundry room with stacked washer/dryer with the washer on the ground.  We’ve had said washer for almost 2 years now.  A couple months ago Kaos saved our entire family from certain death-by-washing-machine!  I was doing laundry and cleaning the laundry room, so I had the door open when the washer started.  It’s a front-load. Kaos was RIVETED as it started filling.  He was pretty convinced that it was out for blood.  He HIT THE ROOF when it started the spin cycle.  We vidoe taped it on my phone.  He was barking and growling and acting all sorts of ferocious, but he wouldn’t set foot in the laundry room!