First of all it was not the

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First of all it was not the original plan that i would be responsible for five pits on my own but the cards did not play out how i had originally planned, its not the dogs fault that things changed and i know am solely responsible for them and im not going to make them pay that price. Second of all i really dont need a lesson about the pitbull breed as i have said previously i have raised pits all of my life so i know all about the breed. I realize that they are high energy dogs and that they need a lot of exercise and training which they get everyday several times a day but in doing so with my children things become hectic because i have to watch the kids and the dogs and make sure that the dogs arent knocking over the kids while im training one and i all around just need to either have more eyes and hands or a whole nother person to help whereas i dont see either one of those happening soo my life is and will most likely remain HECTIC!!!!

As for the whole pocket pit thing, what exactly do you think pit bulls are? The orginal pit bull is a mix between an american bull dog, a mastiff, and an american terrier. So the origianl american pit bull terrier is a mix of different breeds. The pocket pit is an american pit bull terrier 100% they are only given the title pocket pit if they are 17″ or shorter standing on all fours. Its possible to breed full sized pits and have one puppy from the litter be a “pockeyt pit” To breed pocket pits they dont mix breeds all they do is take the smallest dogs from the litter or the “runts” and breed them together to make small pits. Basically any pitbul that stands 17″ tall or shorter can be classified as a pocket pit and they have no more or less health problems then any other American Pitbull Terrier, they are they same dog, just in a smaller size!!!