Elvis did the same thing i


Elvis did the same thing i didnt know at 1st feet licking & biting is a sign of allergies. Sure enough hes got bad allergies to most foods he does real bad with hives,gas,itching you name it he gets it.
So we now use a limited ingredient food.
I cant say enough good things about it we have pinnacle the trout formula it smells like a seafood market but they love it ! I figure if its limited formula it should smell like its primary ingredient
My suggestion go to a store that gives you $ back if dog doesnt react well i know petco does im sure theres others

Pinnacle Holistic Trout & Sweet Potato Dog Food
Holistic, allergen-free formula contains no allergens such as corn, wheat, rice, barley, sorghum or soy

ive also heard good things about the taste of the wild it was on our list of ones to possibly try we just tried pinnacle 1st & its done an amazing job!