Doggy clothes can be pretty

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Doggy clothes can be pretty crazy, you usually see it in smaller dogs rather than pits. However both of my pits, a 1 and a half year old and 8 week old, they both like most /all pits have very short fur in this weather a small jacket or fleece is defiantly okay. Its actually known that if your dog is wearing to much clothing that it can effect body language when communicating with other dogs so layering is never a good idea. A simple little pull over sweater or jacket does the trick and as the comment above, clothing for some reason makes pits more approachable by people for whatever reason. Maybe it makes them look cuter.. or “oh the dog let their owner put clothes on them so they can’t possibly be evil” ..I’m not sure what their reasoning is.

Doggy bikinis however.. now thats pretty silly.