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Cynja not to argue but for someone that supposedly has been raising pits all their life you really need to brush up on their origin so here is a quick break down they originally came from england and ireland weighed no more than 40 poynds we adapted them here to be bigger and heavier and more hardy and they were originally bred down from bulldogs and white terriers not american bulldogs amd mastiffs or american terriers and the dog you have pictured has some flaws in his/her legs which can lead to health issues looks like the front legs splay out and her paws are not of the correct standard per the breeding guideline they are to be cat like in shape and the hind legs look like they bow out and when the originally breeders of the american pitbull terrier started breeding them here they followed strict breeding policies that all true breeders follow such as Mr. Ed Budreaux,Mr.Louis Colby,to name a few but you do have a nice dog as for owning five i can relate caue at one time i had 17 dogs in my yard and it was alot of work for myself and i been involved with pits for over 15 years owning and breeding and rescue of these great dogs but thgis particular dog might have seperation anxiety