Congrats on your new baby,


Congrats on your new baby, you will choose a name once you have her, trust me it will come to you.  I am a rescue/foster parent (25 years) and have adopted about 15 of the dogs I have fostered.  I have always had a name as soon as I saw their face or personailty, my big red overweight girl could be nothing other than Fiona.  Once I saw her and realized how much she looked like Shreks wife (lol, the red hair and her size) not to mention the flatulance and burping that she does while your eating or laying with her, she is our big “ogre”. 

My latest girl, we adopted her about 4 months ago, came to us as Penny (she is white with a copper “penny” over one eye) but Penelope fits her so much better. She is very feminine and delicate, she is dainty and walks like a lady, her frame is small boned and she looks very ladylike just the opposite of her sister.