Can anybody tell me, do all

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Can anybody tell me, do all Pits lick constantly? spike is like a snake.That tongue is doing 100 miles an hour trying to give kisses.I’m not to fond of dog kisses ( I know where that thing been at) Are they all like that? Spike is very affectioned, loving. Is he trying to say “hey thanks for taking me in”? He is now best buddies with my 1 year old lab, I can see how much they care about one another. If we are not home Spike goes outside in the fenced run and the lab (delilah) goes in her crate. As soon as I get home and let Spike in he runs like crazy to the other room to see Delilah. They act like it has been days, tooooo cute them 2. They spent all the time playing tug of war, most of the time Delilah wins, not sure if Spike just lets her win. When I cleaned out the stuffed animals out of my daughters room hey got a hold of a lot of them, if one of the 2 does not want to play the other teases until he/she gives in and plays. They are to cute together. I don’t know where Spike came from and I was worried about dog agession, well not anymore.Still I sepeerate when no one is home for the safty of all my babies