All of these comments,


All of these comments, whether from those who own a pit or not…all are said with some form of emotion behind it. And to a comment by Reason awhile back–“do you see why smart people don’t generally own pit bulls?” WOW–you can have your opinion, and will respect you for that, but when you begin to degrade people, simply because perhaps of their choice to own a dog that is “vicious,” I’m sure you know people who own Rottweilers, or Weimeraners, or even Collies for that matter. Have you heard of something called temprament? Although it is true that labs generally receive some of the highest ratings on a temprament test, Pits score higher than breeds such as Collies and Chihuahuas.

SO, I guess what I’m saying is this…thanks, first off, for allowing me to accept your opinion, but in turn strengthen my own (for I know no matter what I say or do, it will never change your mind–I have many people just like you who I meet every single day)…and it is not my job to change your mind, but perhaps a day with a pit who has been cared for, loved for, and given all the luxuries a well-mannered dog should receive…perhaps your opinion would change (but I know that won’t happen)…