After reading Athena09’s


After reading Athena09’s post. I have a friend that no kiding has 7pit bulls. None of them are fixed! They complain everytime the girls are in heat. They only have 3 males and the rest are female. The one female I think they were going to fix because she has a double nipple and behind it is a large hernia so it is to dangerous for her to have anymore puppies. I believe she has had two litters. My mom did get one of their puppies and she is a good dog really. I would say they are your backyard breeders where its always and accident when they have a litter. When the girls are in heat they usually crate rotate everyone for potty time and free time. Its ridiculous the pain it is to do all that just because her boyfriend doesn’t believe in fixing them. He says it’s cruel. They have had some beautiful pups though. I have to give them props for the fact that they have rescued all of them from abandoned homes and bad abusive owners. I pray they don’t ever get in trouble or caught though because they live in the city limits of Lima where I live and Lima ordiance states only one pit per household. They also don’t have the registered with tags. Course if they did register them then the Dog Warden would know how many they had and where they lived. I wish they would fix them but what can you do. I would never ever dream of turning them in they are good owners and people. They just have too many dogs and its not their fault the law is so damn stupid.