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Why do you breed?

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    I’m curious. If you breed your dogs, what is your motivation?

    For those that bought a dog/puppy, what motivated you to buy rather than rescue?


    I could never breed. I’d never have the money to. A good breeder isn’t going to make any profit off their pups, and I’d want to be a good breeder 😛

    Although I consider my current dog a rescue, I plan to get my next dog from a reputable breeder. There’s many reasons for it. I plan to get a standard poodle for one, and I may decide to show it or do other CKC (Canadian Kennel Club) events. I also want a stable dog. My current dog was an absolute nightmare when we got her. I do not want to do that again any time soon. I want to know that I’m getting a tested, healthy animal as well.

    There’s also some breeds that I would never get from a shelter, Specifically, German Shepherd Dogs. I do want one one day, but with the high risk of behavior problems and hip problems, I just could not risk getting one from a shelter.


    Your comment on ‘eputable breeder’ is key. They seem few and far between on this site. If I’m wrong, it would be great to hear from them. I understand going pedigree route if you’re interested in in kennel club events. I do believe you can get a stable dog when you adopt, especially if the dog is mature. There are some famous rescue pit bull competitors, such as Wallace:


    Thanks for your input.


    Some of the people on here that claim to breed make me cringe a tad bit. I would never buy a dog from them, that’s for sure.

    I know it’s possible to get a stable dog from a rescue, don’t get me wrong. I’ve met plenty of awesome rescue dogs. And I know it sounds harsh, but it took me over a year to be able to stand being in the same room as my dog for more than ten minutes. She’s awesome now, but when we got her, I was on the verge of having her put to sleep. Just the thought of going through that again is just.. not fun.

    I will rescue in the future. But right now I’m just not ready to take the risk again. Plus I really like poodles 😛


    Yes i breed my pit bulls. I do it for a very good reason though. I raise the puppies and train them to be assistance dogs for the disabled and some are even trained as guade dogs for the blind. i trul;y belive there is no better breed for service dog work then the pit bull. i have to date trained and placed 39 assistance dogs and 11 guide dogs


    I do not plan on breeding as I have no inclination to. This is no offense to people that do. My family has breed two litters of Laso Opso’s and Airedale retrievers to great homes. As a side note, what is a good age to neuter a male? 6-7 months seems too young!


    I do it to improve the breed. WE only have one litter a year and it is always planned out. We make sure we have people who want our puppies, and that they don’t go to bad homes. Contracts are the key.


    i’m not a breeder and i won’t breed my dogs. I have bred my lab with a pit bull but never again. i have a male pit bull that will be getting fixed soon. he’s going to be 6 months old in a month so he’s going to get fixed. people tells me its mean but i don’t think so


    I would never breed my dogs. I,personally believe that breeding is as bad as fighting. More often then not breeders dont care where the puppies go. Thousands of pitbulls are put to sleep every day because of over breeding and irresponsible owners. If I ever added another pit to my family Id def. adopt.


    Me and my boyfriend have bred one of our dogs to a female American Bulldog we have but the only reason behind that is because our old man Pit Bull Marley is about 13 years old and my boyfriend is so attached to him. So he wanted to breed him to keep his legacy around. He likes to breed his dogs and take care of the puppies and all but I for one am not a fan of it. I am completely ok with breeding Marley because that means a lot to him but just breeding for the money I do not want to do. There are too many shelter dogs (not just Pits) that need a good home.


    After reading Athena09’s post. I have a friend that no kiding has 7pit bulls. None of them are fixed! They complain everytime the girls are in heat. They only have 3 males and the rest are female. The one female I think they were going to fix because she has a double nipple and behind it is a large hernia so it is to dangerous for her to have anymore puppies. I believe she has had two litters. My mom did get one of their puppies and she is a good dog really. I would say they are your backyard breeders where its always and accident when they have a litter. When the girls are in heat they usually crate rotate everyone for potty time and free time. Its ridiculous the pain it is to do all that just because her boyfriend doesn’t believe in fixing them. He says it’s cruel. They have had some beautiful pups though. I have to give them props for the fact that they have rescued all of them from abandoned homes and bad abusive owners. I pray they don’t ever get in trouble or caught though because they live in the city limits of Lima where I live and Lima ordiance states only one pit per household. They also don’t have the registered with tags. Course if they did register them then the Dog Warden would know how many they had and where they lived. I wish they would fix them but what can you do. I would never ever dream of turning them in they are good owners and people. They just have too many dogs and its not their fault the law is so damn stupid.


    Honestly I’ve thought about breeding my pitbull.She is a great looking dog and there would be other qualities that I’d like to improve on in following generations.However after I briefly think of this,the very next thought is where and how would I keep them all(her mom had 13 pups)? After that would be the price of the beginner shots for each pup.Finally the thought of keeping them all for at the very least 12-16 weeks to be properly socialized and weaned.It would definitely be too much for me to handle alone.I have respect for breeders who can ensure a great home for each puppy.It’s the ones who breed for other less “tasteful” reasons that irk me.


    I have 2 males 1 that is blue and another that looks more like a tiger then a dog so I get alot of ppl stopping and asking me to stud them out which I will not do. The controversial part about breeding is b/c of those ppl who don’t even care about pits to begin with. I will not let my dog breed with a female who does not want to. I’ve heard of people holding a female down so the boy can do the trick, or even use a tool calleda “raper”. That is NOT right. Also alot of breeders will let brothers and sisters get caught up. That is part of the reason pits have such a bad rep if you have ever met a pit that was bred of incest they are 10 times crazier and alot of the times mean. The only female my blue boy has ever had pups by is a white female who can only have 2 pups at a time. Each of my 4 grandpups have went to great homes and I know their owners. I can’t imagine giving a pit bull to a person that would fight them or abuse them.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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