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Actually you may need to brush on your pitbull history. If you search the history of pit bulls you will get hundreds of variations of how pits were created, it is a highly debated topic but commonly you will find that they say pits came from a mix of breeds being the american mastiff the bull dog and the terrier, in some text it even says that the pit bull was made by breeding mastiffs and terriers and that they called this dog a bull dog only because it was used for bull bating and that it was not actually a bull dog. basically im not say your wrong or that im wrong but it really depends on where you do you research, the history of the american pitbull terrier is unknown there is no exact proof of all the details of the history all we can do is research others peoples findings and opinions. Also i dont know why you feel like you need to educate me i wasnt even talking to you i was responding to a commet that someone else left to me!!!!! When i feel like im being attacked i defend myself and thats all there is too it

As for the dog that i have pictured there is nothing wrong with him his legs and his frame is fine because he is in the “POCET PIT” class not the standard american pit bull terrier class. He has won awards in his class and unless you are a vet i suggest you keep makeshift diagnosis to your self because i dont listen to medical advice to people who have supposedly have owned pit for over 15 years and thinks that makes them the pitbull guru of the world. So thank but not thanks!!!! and my award winning dog is in perfect health with perfect little legs for his frame!!!!!!