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My name is chris, I have 4 red nose pits and I love them all and they are very good and smart dogs. As most of you, my dogs are my kids, plus it helps that I don’t have kids at all, but all my friends have kids and my dos love all kids. I have been a pit owner for 6 years now, had 2 litters and do all the things that are best suited for my dogs. They have a large fenced yard, tires to play with and garage door springs hanging from a tree with rope on the end of it for them to jump up and pull and shake. Let’s get this forum pumping.


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  1. Hi,
     My name is Kristin, My


     My name is Kristin, My boyfriend Gilbert and I have a red nose pitbull. She is 5 months old and very playfull we love her very much although we are having a bit of a hard time stopping her from chewing everything in the house. any tips?

    • tell her NO in a firm voice

      tell her NO in a firm voice and take the item away and give her a raw hide bone or chew toy that she is allowee to chew on.  there is a bitter spray you can buy too, but my amstaff liked the taste of it so it didn’t work in my home. but replaceing what she is chewing with something she is allowed to chew on (consistantly) will take  care of the problem. i keep lots of rawhide bones around. My puppy is 6 months. she does really well but if i run out of dog chew stuff she tries to eat my kids toys.  so my best advice is give her bones aand spray that bitter spray on the table legs and chairs and such. what ever she is chewing on that you want her to avoid…  hope this helps  🙂

  2. With good training and

    With good training and providing other stuff for your puppy to chew on, as she gets older she will stop destroying and ripping into everything.  Remember she is teething which is uncomfortable for her, so the more chew toys the better.

    I have a red nose pit too, her name is Maddy and she’s around 3 years old.  Chris is right, they are VERY smart dogs, but they can be stubborn to which can make it harder to train.  At one point when I would be taking my dog for walks, and she would try to eat the mulch around my apartment complex. Madison, being smart AND EXTREMELY stubborn, would grab a peice of mulch when she saw she had an opportunity, but not chew on it right away.  She would then wait until I would chat with someone or not pay attention, and THEN start chewing it.  This took a while to train her not to eat mulch, but I actually enjoyed the challenge.  Sometimes she will try to grab a peice when she doesn’t think I am paying attention, and I when I correct her she drops it right away.

    So hang in there with your dog chewing on everything in the house.  Remember, as smart as they are, they are stubborn too.  You just have to be more stubborn than they are 🙂

    Hope this helps, 

    – Rachel

  3. My name is Gina. I have a red
    My name is Gina. I have a red nose pit, she is 11 years old. My son got her as a puppy and I have cared for her all her life.She is one of the biggest part of my life. The other biggest part is my 1/2 pit Ziggie, she came to me as a puppy that no one wanted. My 2 girls get along great. They are my babbies and we have gone through a lot together. There were times that if not for them I would have not made it to today. I love my girls and they love me I would not trade them for the world.