What is the best way to get your bully dogs to be social?

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  1. In my experience with pitty’s

    In my experience with pitty’s you need to keep get them in a puppy training class, so the pitty will listen to your command and knows you are the alpha in its life.  Once accomplished on this, then start introducing them to people and dogs slowly, (i,e of big dogs first, the little dogs already have attuitde and think they are a pitbulls.  LOL).  Take them to area’s they have never been before.  Keep praising them on their behavior and give them treats.  Also keep your kool, they pickup on your body language very fast if you are showing signs of weakness, reemmber you are the alpha.  Also invite one of your friends over that has a dog to your home.  It needs to start out very slow.  If you feel they are too agressive then use the mouth harness.  Your pitty will show aggressive thru body language as well.  Always, look at the tail, is it wagging or not, are the ears up or back and also is the hair standing straight up on their back.  They have body signs as well too. Of course if they are gowling that is not a good sign.  Do a distraction, stating leave it alone, and pull away.  Just go at your own pace and take it slowly.  Also take car rides to the pet store.  Anyway place you can take your pitty, just never ever leave your pitty in the car.  They are very strong creatures and if they want something bad enough (a female in heat)  without a distraction they will take it at all costs.