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Wonderful Pitties that need a home

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    Hello! I volunteer with Louie’s Legacy, located in Cincinnati, Ohio. We rescue many types of dogs including pitbulls, but because of breed laws in Cincinnati, it’s often difficult to get these lovelies adopted.

    Here’s a guy who needs a loving home:

    Buckwheat, who I absolutely love. The day I met him, he was caked in dirt, having been rescued from a hoarder a few counties over. But he has been playful and loving since day one. He has a fantastic temperament and it’s a shame he has not been adopted yet.

    Babe and Eli are two other pits that need a loving home, but it doesn’t look like we have them up on Petfinder. Eli is a very sweet boy, always greeting me with a full body wag and kisses. He just gets a little wound up at times and needs someone with the patience to handle him.
    Babe is a friendly girl who always seems to be smiling. She’s not as wound up as Eli, but is high energy all the same.

    I’m hoping these dogs will get homes soon. To see them come back to the shelter week after week when they are such sweet, loving animals seems so unfair.

    Thank you!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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