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Weight Pulling and Leash Manners

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    I just discovered this site and love it. Although I don’t own a Pit Bull, I find them to be very beautiful animals.. and I have no irrational fear of them. My question is in regard to the weight pulling exercise and sport, that I’ve noticed seems to be a Pit dominated field, and training to walk on a loose lead. They seem to be at conflict with each other.

    My pound rescue, a border collie / Lab (i think) mix, needs a big energy burn that our daily 3 mile walks just are not providing. He is a big leash puller, which I am having luck at correcting, yet I sure can see how pulling a tire or sled would exhaust him more.

    But would training him to freight pull send mixed signals to him when I’m also trying to get him not to tug on a lead?

    The thoughts of you experienced Pit trainers would be much appreciated. Thanks


    Pulling and tugging are different things. And with enough training, they can know the difference. You just give them positive reinforcement when they are tugging on a tire in the place you want them to, and don’t if they tug on the leash.

    Takes patience, but it works.


    Thanks Matt. Again I learn, it all comes down to consistancy in the handler’s training message to the dog. Ok then, I’m going to try this. I’m shopping for harness gear now. It looks like fun!

    Thanks again

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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