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    Hi all…

    Hi all…

    Today for the 1st time i got my Sonny to walk along side me for a good 45mins. with corrections of course but a good walk nonetheless, within our 1st 10mins we encountered a little doggy but since sonny was tugging hard. i had to divert him away and that’s when the whining then barking started. how can i make this stop.I do try to avoid other dogs plus i’m walking him so early in the morning, that it’s hard to see people anyways. after about every stop sign i have him sit and give him about 30 sec. to relax then we are off again. i know i should bring treats to encourage him to be more attentive to me but i just felt soooooo good to have that much slack and he was right beside me. i use the gentle leader on him since that’s what his previous owner gave me, she never really walked him only got him out of the apartment to go the grassy area and a little romp in the riverbed. Now he as a back 40 i can play toss with him and he runs his butt off. I’m in it to win so the more tips i can get, the better i can be a good leader to Sonny.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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