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Viscious Lab

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    My pit is being attacked by a lab.  This labs owners do not like pits at all.  They keep letting their lab attack Kaos and Kaos refuses to do anything to defend himself.  Their dog has made Kaos bleed.  His nose and face are swollen and red and have blood spots all over them.  Here’s the irony; this specific lab is 3 months old!  🙂  We are puppy sitting and, Coco, the chocolate lab puppy is proving to be a formidable edversary for my 1.5 year old pit.  Kaos is cracking me up!  They play and play and play untill they collapse.  Kaos tries to defend himself, he flops down on his back and launches her with his paws, but it doesn’t do much good.  He’s a sucker when it comes to puppies.  She gets a hold of his cheeks and her little teeth hurt!  Sometimes Kaos smacks her with his paws, but has yet to hurt her.  For their part, our friends who own said viscious puppy, have decided that, “Kaos isn’t half so bad!” 

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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