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venting about idiots!

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    I work at a vets office. On a regular basis I hear negative pitbull comments. It hit home today a little bit I figured I would start a topic for venting. There are these 2 older ladies that come in on a regular basis with a lab that is a real head case (the dog and the ladies). They bust my chops all the time and I let it roll off of my back. They SWEAR their dog does not like me. He is actually scared of everybody at the office to some extent.right now on our front desk there isa digital picture frame of photos we took of Ruca to use as examples for a photoshoot we are doing to raise donations for the SPCA petwalk we are entered in. She asked the receptionist as she looked at the pictures ” Is that a pitbull in these pictures” the receptionist replied “yes that is Ruca she is Matt’s dog he works I the kennel.” to which the lady replied ”OH no wonder Lucky (her dog) doesn’t like him.” REALLY!?! Ruca was well loved at my office even before I began working there because no matter what anyone did to her she always had a wagging tail and kisses for them! If you don’t like me thats finebut leave my dog out of it! Not to mention I genuinly feel bad for her dog because she is a nutbag and hes not a bad doghe is just terrified of everything. He came in for a bath today. I made sure I was the one to bring him out to her and before I handed him over I grabbed his snoot and kissed him right on it! HAHAHA!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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