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vegis anybody???

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    We tell our kids that they have to eat their vegis, right??  Well I got 2 Labs that love vegis, our newbe Spike learned quickly too. It use to be that I could not make a salad without giving the dogs their share. Tomatoes, beans, snap peas, lettuce you name it. Now that our garden is producing, we have lots of zucchinis. I bring them up to the house and Delilah, my youngest Lab had to check it out. Soon she was joined by Buddy the other Lab. Slowly, here comes Spike, our new baby, and that he is. I never knew how great Pitty’s are until we got adopted. So, I figure I will get a good laugh out of my dogs with this zucchini. So I peel it and cut it up, can’t say that the first taste they got was the greatest, but ones they got going there was no stopping them. Here comes Spike, carefully ( it could bite u know)  before I knew it, the whole thing was gone! Today I was going to make fried zucchini, guess what? Not without the dogs I didn’t. They all had their share of it ( not fried) I hope they don’t get our, they will eat my garden LOL. We had a B day party for my daughter, people that were at the last party when Spike showed up were here again.Back, then they had the chance to take Spike, but they didn’t want him. Now that he is all cleaned up, fatened up and a charming little guy, they wanted him.NO WAY, will we ever give him up. I’m so glad that I could not find a good home for hime, or we would never know what we would be missing.Pitty’s are great dogs, I never knew how great. Well. I better keep tending to my garden so that we have plenty of vegis for all of us!

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