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Skylits story

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    At 8 weeks old my cousin bought her to get over her fear of pitbulls and 2 days later found out her complex doesnt allow pitbulls. So her hubby put her up for sale and people were coming left and right to buy her for fighting purposes for alot of money, unfortunately because her mom was a fighter and she was apparently ‘good blood’ so she called me i went down that day to get her for 150 she turned out amazing she could never have fought she would of died. as she grew she had many playmates and a ‘sister’ princess a red nose pit. about 9months old all shots good spayed and all spoiled as hell 🙂 then all the sudden things get bad my family gets kicked out of our apartment and me and skylit head to my boyfriends her ‘dad’ who also helped me pay for her and raise her. all was good for a few more months but then money gets tight so me and her have to go live with my dad. at my dads for about a month her crated 40% of the day 🙁 but spoiled by me still walks all the time then all the sudden i have a baby very unexpectedly i never knew i was prego. skylit does great with the baby shes protective of him with strangers trys to give him her toys and loves to lick and bury her face in his tummy. then it gets bad again….i must leave my dads and go with my boyfriend to his moms so we can work and get money and get on our feet….but sky cant come they dont allow dogs….me loving her so much and wanting her to grow up with my son i find a temporary home with some college kids who adore her and spoil as much as i do, even worse the begining of may they all go home and i must place her somewhere else again…they all love her to and have tried to take her home longer and cannot and me having such a bond with her cant seem to let her go…..id never sleep at night shes an amazing smart dog who loves to snuggle….all around perfect she has all her shots, shes spayed, she knows tricks, potty trained, loves kids/babies, gets along with dogs so now I turn for help I really need a temp home I cannot give my girl up. Shes one thing that always keeps me goin ive cried to her talked to her and just snuggled on those days you just need to be alone. Please help Im located in harrisburg Pennsylvania email me asap if you can help put skylit as the subject. Thanks for reading.


    That is so sad, did you find a temp home for her yet? I know it’s been almost a month so I’d hope you found someone to help you, such a sad story. I am just hoping to see you update that you found someone that was willing to help you out until you could have her back.


    Actully I have found a place and shes doin great she plays with kids all day long so she loves it lol I cant wait to get her back though Im getting ready to move which means I get to pick her up soon!!!! Im so excited!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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