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Running with your pitbull

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    I am a runner and would like to train my 4 year old pitbull to run with me.  She is healthy and needs a high energy activity since she is in a kennel during the day.

    What is the best way to train her to run with me?  What are things I need to know about running with a pitbull?  How many miles can they run?


    Let’s just put it this way, if she’s in shape, you’ll get tired first. 🙂  It’s a great activity.  I’m lazy and have to find other ways to get our dog excersize.  As far as training goes, I find it easier to train a dog to run than to walk.  If they’re running then they aren’t as focused on their surroundings.  However, it’s best to start slow.  If you have a naughty walker, then start training there and gradually move up to running.  If your girl is a pretty easy walker, then just give it a shot and see how she does.  Go from there with training.  The one thing I will caution on, DO NOT LET HER PLAY TUG-O-WAR WITH THE LEASH!!!  It’s a favorite pit game and, once they get a hold of that leash, they can make you look very foolish while trying to get them to let go.  The things you need to watch out for are pretty much just normal dog things, rather than pit-specific things.  However, I always try and be mindful of the fact that other people may not be very comfortable with my dog.  While I trust him, I understand that many people don’t.  It would be unfair of me to ignore the fear that they have.  I am always careful to keep Kaos close by me when we’re passing other people unless they express an interest.  That’s just common courtesy though.


    Harnesses are the best things to use, my pits love it, it doesnt choke them like a collar and they help u control the dog way better, i take my 7yr for a 45min walk and either to an open area where they can run, my 9month old pit loves to pull not pull me down but i lean back and let him pull my body weight, pits love this and def love to run bring water, swimming is also great for them


    Yes, harnesses do work pretty well, although we had a no pull harness for our dog and he would try to pull anyway and it ended up digging into his armpits (or whatever they’re called on a dog) and making him bleed, so we had to quit using it.

    I guess it depends on your dog, what works for some may not work for others, you’d be best off just trying what you feel best about using and going from there. I have been told by the shelter where we got our dog not to use head halti’s on pit bulls though, they can slip out of them easily due to their large head and thick neck.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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