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Pushing threw to get out the front door and jumping over fence

Welcome to Pitbulls.org Forums Pit Bull Talk Training Pushing threw to get out the front door and jumping over fence

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    I have a 1 year old pit who is very active and at times abit to active. I dont know what to do, when Friends or my wife and I open the front door he darts and pushes right past us and gets loose. i dont know how to stop this. We also have a back yard with a 6 foot fence surrounding and he has learned he can jump up and get over it, yet another issue i do not know how to resolve. if anyone has any tips please help! Thanks.

    raisins mom

    How much excercise is your dog getting eachday? The best advice I can give you is a tired dog is a happy dog. 

    It sounds like the wait command would be a good one to teach your dog.  Our dogs have learned they have to sit at the door and wait to be asked in or let out.  It was alot of work but has helped us in establishing boundaries.  I spend alot of time doing obdience with my dog.   A good place to start is your local SPCA and see if they offer any obedience classes or training advice.

    When your dog jumps the fence does he have things to do back there? Maybe giving him a large bone to chew on would occcupy some of his time?  My pitbull is a digger unfortunately so even with a playmate he still tries to escape.  I have taken up walking him alot as well as purchaseing an attachment for my bike so he can run next to me.  It seems the more I get him out and excercise him the less time he spends trying to escape. 

    Good luck to you.


    Hi Leonidas,

    Is your dog fixed yet?  Sometimes, the dogs calms down after they have been fixed.  We had to install an electric fence below our privacy fence, because our pitbull would dig.  This helped a lot.  Also, maybe you should consider getting another dog as a playmate.  We have a 9 year old Weimeriner (very high energy dog), and then our pitbull.  They tire each other out by playing all day while we are at work :).

    Good luck!


    our pup had the same issues with the door it took some time but now he waits unill he is invited throught the door untill he goes throught ( most of the time )


    we started by having him on the leash when we opened the door and if he made it past us we would pull him back and tell him to back it up untill he was invited a couple of times I closed the door on him not hard enought to hurt but firm enought to let him know that it was not ok .

    this sounds like just like bad manners just claim the space as yours and dont let him past us blocks / leashes / barriers to help you teach him manners

    I have not advice for the fence jumping hope you get that resolved.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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