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Puppy Bed Problems

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    Kona is a little over three months and she’s still teething, however, when we got her at nine weeks we got her a crate and put a dog bed in it (we heard it wasn’t good for them to be laying on the hard surface when she’s in there). She had already been crate trained so we didn’t have any real issues and she had a blanket that the people we got her from gave us which smelled like her parents and siblings. I haven’t had any issues with it until this morning, she’s always loved it so I don’t know why she did this.. This morning when I let her out of the crate there was stuffing EVERYWHERE, She ripped a hole in her doggie bed and has been pulling out the stuffing. 
    I’m not sure if maybe she’s getting stressed out because school just started again and it’s throwing off her routine, or if she’s maybe getting bored with the toys she has?
    She’s in the crate at night usually by 9, until around 6am when she comes out to go to the bathroom, eat breakfast, and play a little before I have to go to class for 8 and I’m back home by 11am. I hate crating her but whenever I leave her out and I go outside she will destroy anything and everything (she’ll grab shoes, which she won’t do if I’m there paying attention, she’ll pee on the floor even if I brought her out right before) Is she having anxiety issues or something?
    Help? Please? 

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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