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Pitbull puppies getting in serious fights

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    I am the owner of two Pitbull puppies. The male is 7 months and the female is 8 months. The female is about 5kg heavier than the male. Within the last two months my puppies have been getting into a lot of serious fights luckily I am always near or have been at home to stop the fights but they have picked up few cuts with the smaller male usually in the worst shape. I do not understand why they are fighting. I am not sure if it is because the male is smaller than the female or something else. I have noticed that the fights start usually when I go play with them or shortly after. They get very excited and then randomly the one irritates the other and they start fighting. The puppies used to sleep inside until about two months ago but now since it is summer in South Africa they sleep outside. Naturally, they get less attention now then when they were inside but i still try to give them attention. I am doing online learning so I try to go play with them every 2 or so hours. My thinking is that start fighting over my attention but I am not sure. The female was also on heat about a month ago and I suspect she is pregnant. I do not know if that intensifies the situation. I am extremely worried that these fights become worse. Any help or advice would be appreciated.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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