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Pit Destroying the House

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    HELP! My 2 year old pit is turning into Marley. She has horrible separation anxiety and this has been the case since she was a puppy. I moved into a new house about 7 months ago and she is already destroying it. She goes outside everyday and pulls/chews the vinyl siding off the house. We’ve got an invisible fence that goes against the siding but she’s figured out how to get around it. She did this at the previous house too. We put chairs and other things in front of the house to try and prevent her from doing further damage but it’s continuing. We’ve already replaced about 6 feet of siding (which now doesn’t match the rest of the house) but now we’re going to have to replace the same pieces again.
    When she stays inside, she has the entire downstairs to herself because she can’t stay contained in a crate. I leave the tv and radio on and always leave her with plenty toys, chews, etc… I even give her sedatives when she’s in and out. But she starts chewing books, picture frames, chairs, etc.

    I don’t want to give her away because she truly is a sweet dog and very lovable when she’s around people but I need suggestions on how to fix the behavior she has now.

    I have thought about a doggy door so that she could have access to both the inside and outside. What do you think?


    maybe you could invest in some training classes for her and for yourself. there are places that can help with behavior issues such as sepreation anxiety. trainers that are really good with helping with getting her to a point of being comfortable with being there alone. if you can afford it then that could be the way to go.

    raisins mom

    I like to watch all the dog training shows on tv and It’s Me Or The Dog did an interesting approach to the topic of seperation anxiety. If I recall she did a code word then would leave the dog for only a min or so (maybe even only in another room) and then with time increased the time and frequency away from the dog. Might be something to look into. I had a dog previously w/ seperation anxiety who required medications for a short period before adjusting to being crated when I would leave. Have you tried the Kong w/ peanut butter or frozen gravy inside of it to keep your dog busy? Before you leave the home are you tireing your dog out so maybe will have less energy to be destructive?

    Raisin doesn’t have seperation anxiety but he is destructive esp when he bored so if you find any tips on other things to keep him busy please let me know. Good luck.


    From what i went through with my dog, it sounds like yours just isnt exercised enough. Pit bulls need like 45mins-an hour walk every day. sometimes more depending on the dog. We thought ours had separation anxiety and we just lengthened his walks and he’s fine now. Running in the backyard doesnt work, they mentally need to get out of the house, kind of like if you stayed home all the time you’d get cabin fever. Also i agree with the person above: kongs are a godsend.


    Cesar milan! read his books, watch his show. I would also suggest training classes. I found one in my area for only $50 per semester.


    i have a similar problem…my nine month old female destroys her dog bed and blankets…we are on our third set already!…she has also gone into the laundry room and taken my blankets, sheets, clothes and dragged them outside…and i had only stepped away for less then 5 minutes!! im enrolling her in training classes asap!!


    We had a Red Nose that did the same thing to our house. We came home and thought the house had been robbed. We cured the problem by letting Norman know that he had something coming the next few times we came back…….a good scratch and rub down so from there on in after the first two scratch/rubs the issue did not exist anymore. No hollering, screaming, no sudden movements to scare him anymore than he already was and he was fine until his passing.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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