one spoiled pit (LOL) ha

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     I have a 10 month old Pit we love her very much. she is very spoiled she has a big fanced yard , we had her fixed at about 5 1/2 – 6 months old , but lately she has been very MEAN to us just over the New toys i got her am at lost i don’t know what to do so i took the toys away n put them up but she loves those toys they are just stuffed anamils i got at Sam’s club she isn’t like that with any other toys. I am ask if anyone knows why is she this way .it has come on in the last few months she is kept in the house . we take very good care of her i just don’t understand why a dog that we treat this good has all of a sudden turned in to a lit b**ch . Please if anyone tell me anything to do. we got her when she was like 8 weeks old . i don’t know if any of the things i have said matters but am just at a lose with her she is a very loving dog for the most part. thanks for any help 🙂


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