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Nice to meet you :)

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    Hey everyone!  It’s nice to meet you!

    Here is my story about why I am joining this site.  

    I work at a no kill animal shelter in Indiana.  Every day I have to turn away dogs that are pitbulls because we aren’t a “bully” rescue and can not take in these breeds.  It breaks my heart turning these innocent dogs away and knowing that they will be taken to the pound where they will be euthanized.  I feel like I am sending them to their death bed and it breaks my heart, but unfortunately it is out of my control, as I know most of these people would not be willing to put forth the effort to find these dogs loving homes on their own.

    So finally, I thought to myself “I can do something about this!”  So today I started a blog where I can post information and resources to people to help improve the lives of these dogs, and counter the negative stereotype that has incorrectly been placed on them and other “bully” breeds.  It is a work in progress right now, but eventually I hope to have a website up and running and have a line of merchandise such as rubber bracelets and t shirts that I can sell and give the proceeds to local organizations and rescues that help bully breeds.

    I have a real passion for these animals, and while it might sound silly, I think that I can help them just by making people aware of the situations of these misunderstood breeds.

    My hope is that I will be able to educate myself so that I can share my knowledge with others.  I hope that I will meet people on here that will be willing to give me advice and share their information with me.

    So, once again, it is nice to meet you!  I’m glad to be here!


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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