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    Hello I am Leiann and well I have not one or two pits but three. They are all still pretty young Layla my first is almost a year old and she is the most amazing pit I have ever encountered she listened from the beging and never chewed thing other than her toys. About 3 months ago we moved on to a piece of property with a couple acres. I had been noticing Layla was acting a bit depressed cause there are no dogs around to play with so we started talking about getting a new puppy. After a little over a month a reserching and looking for a new friend for our family we finally found “the one” We drove a couple hours on Saterday to pick him up and when we arrived at this house we found our selves leaving with two little boys Apollo and Ruger. I am a little nervous about how it will all pan out but sofar Layla is happy and adjusting well to having two new brothers. She tries to play gentaly with them and even checks on them if they whine. They are two very different souls Ruger well just like the name implies is a pistol more honery and playfull were Apollo is mellow and super snuggly he is a mommas boy already follows me and sits at my feet where ever i might be standing. Well wish me luck and any helpfull hints you may have will be great. 

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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