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    Please I need help. We just adopted a DEAF pitbull/boxer/lab mix. She is just over a year. She was a stray before being placed in a foster home. I think she was abused by her previous owners. She was wonderful the first couple of days being at home with us ( includes me ( mom ), my son ( 14 yrs old ), a 1 1/2 yr old female sharpei rescue, a 12 yr old female jack russell ( going blind ) and 3 cats. The cats don’t seem to bother her. She has just started in the last 2 days biting. When we got her they said she chewed and mouthed. Well she is biting and getting aggressive. When you try to get her to stop biting she seems to get more aggressive and she is now snapping at me and my son. She is also attacking our feet and ankles. Is this her way of trying to be the leader of the pack? Can this be corrected? Or should she be in a home with less activity ( no kids or other animals ). Please if someone could email me at [email protected] and give me some advice before one of us gets bitten. thank you.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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