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Need advice

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    Hi my name is Sheryl,

    I need some advice and came across this forum which really impressed me. I come from a family of pit bull owners, yet we are all baffled by my dog Karma’s behaviors.

    I got Karma about two years ago, she just turned three August 27th. She is the best dog when it comes to my kids and grand kids they lay on her she loves them all very much. She loves to play football with my 12 year old so funny to watch her interact like a human. They tackle eachother it is hillarious.

    Anyway, Karma is terrified of everything, I am thinking the people who had her before me beat her. I just got married which added three cats into the home and she does not go after them but she wants to play they want nothing to do with her and beat the crap out of her. She cowers in the corner as the cats are hissing at her she tries to run on the kitchen floor to get away and her long legs just slip and she cant get away.

    My daughters phone was on vibrate the other day and when it went off it scared the crap out of her and she ran into the wall. Everything scares her, I mean everything dont set something down loudly cuz she will knock you over trying to get away.

    I thought that she would become safe and it would deminish but it has been two years and she is still almost as scared as she was when we got her the only thing that changed was that she would hide in a bedroom now she tries to socialiZe a little by sitting in the living room with us right under our feet and when she gets scared she usually hurts someone trying to get away from what scared her.

    this is only now becoming a issue because I hurt my back in May and when she knocks into me or makes me fall it hurts …

    Anyone with any ideas suggestions??? Anything I need help I do not want to get rid of her she is part of my family and we love her but I feel that the cats scaring her and I being unable to tolerate the pain when she runs into me making me yell her name which scares her worse is unfair to her.

    my husband and I talked about maybe having her go to a home with less commotion, but she loves us and we love her so thats not really fair… I would miss her too much even though her being scared all the time drives me nuts ..

    I need all the help I can get with this thanks so much

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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