My pictures are all sideways can anyone help and City Ordiences Please give advice

Submitted by Trombetta on Fri, 12/10/2010 - 12:00

Hello I would love to place upright pictures of my dogs on here however; they come out sideways. Can anyone please tell me how to change them around. On my computer they are the correct way. thanks for your help. Just to rant alittle I live in a town that I just found out have stict city ordiences. One is if another dog jumps your fence and your dog beats it up. wont say attacks because it is in your fenced yard. Your dog will be placed in quaritine. Here is another one. If your dog happens to become pregnant by another dog that jumps your fence you can be fined up to $500 because there is a No Breeding Law. and your female in Season has to be with the owner outside in your yard at all times. or it is a $500 fine. Has anyone ran into these city ordiences before? I breed my female on purpose and now I fine out there is a no breeding ordience. I DONT know what I am going to do with the puppies. If I allow people from my city to take one and they go to the city court to register it which they have to by 3 months. I can be fined up to $500 PER PUPPIE. These are not far ordiences. 'Anyone want to talk?

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