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My baby girl Piper.

Welcome to Pitbulls.org Forums Human Talk Introductions My baby girl Piper.

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    Hey all other pit bull lovers. My name is Amanda but people call me Letty. I Just wanna talk about my 10 month old Brindle Pit bull. I’m very sorry for this being so long ahead of time!. 🙂

    Well Piper is a 10 months old brindle pit and I got her off of craiglist. The lady who owned her before me couldn’t keep her anymore (she only had her for 2 weeks, she got the puppy for her lil girl to grow up with a dog.) because the apartments she lived in had a breed ban on Pits. They told her either find another home for her by the second weekend she had her or she would half to take her to a shelter and she told me she didn’t want Piper to go to a shelter. She told me she would only ask me to do two things for her and that was to keep her name as Piper and I told her I would. I love that name anyway!! 🙂 The lady also asked if I would give her up dates on how she is doing and asked if i would send her pics so her lil girl will know how she is and what she looks like, I said yes.

    Piper means the world to me now I got her at 7 weeks old. She is my first dog that is crazy about water and chaseing a ball around the yard. She gets along great with my other 4 dogs. which 3 of them are mutts and the other inside dog along with Piper is a Cockapoo. We also have 3 cats but she wants to play with them but they want nothing to do with her but it cute to watch. I keep my eye on her 24/7 when she is around my other animals and with my nieces and nephews and my little cousins. She loves my 7 year old nephew Dylan and my 11 year old niece Amy all she wants to do is kiss them.

    I am still training her she knows to sit, down, Come when I call (still have to work on that some more) and she know to give me her paw. I am still working with her with staying and comming when I call her. She does bark alot and I am working on that too. She does bark at people she hasnt seen in awhile and people she doesnt know but she HAS NOT tried to bite anyone and I NEVER put her into anything to where she might bite out of fear.

    What can I say she is my world I love her so much.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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