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Meeting other dogs

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    My pit Kobe is two years old and my other pit mini is 1. When I take them for a walk and a new dog comes up to greet them, mini gets excited and can’t wait to play, Kobe however looks more alert and wants to smell him first. There is no problem with that except when the other dog tries to smell mini, Kobe gets mad and tries to attack the other dog. They are both neutered and spayed. Before we got mini, Kobe did not have this problem with other dogs and always was excited to meet and play with them, he is ok with his friends that come over, Sasha a female husky and taz a male rot, when they come over he is happy to see them even with mini around. His bad behavior with other random dogs didn’t start until mini came into the picture, which has me convinced it’s because of her. Please help and give your ideas and suggestions I look forward to hearing them. Thanks so much,

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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